Our response to NHMRC’s position statement

The Australian NHMRC’s statement seriously misrepresents the nature of the clinical research evidence in homeopathy. The NHMRC’s conclusion fails to caution that its review admitted that ‘the evidence base for the majority of clinical conditions was considered of insufficient size to enable clear conclusions on the efficacy of homeopathy to be drawn’. Moreover, the review’s […]

Homeopathy – the natural career choice

When I made the decision to study medicine I thought that if I qualified as a GP I would be satisfied with the type of doctor I had become. As I acquired more experience though, my initial enthusiasm on qualifying was replaced with disappointment when I realised the limitations of orthodox medicine. I saw increasingly […]

The Snooks have arrived!

Homeopathy has some new supporters – the Snooks. This group of colourful cartoon characters appeared during Homeopathy Awareness Week (June 14-21) in three short animated films. The Snooks deliver simple but important messages about homeopathy in a light-hearted and engaging manner. The key messages communicated in the animations are: Homeopathy is about treating the individual […]

In praise of homeopathy

Hi, my name is James McMurray and I’m a community pharmacist.  I qualified in 2008 and, after a few years of working for a pharmacy chain, I decided I would like to do further training. Community pharmacy is not just about filling prescriptions and shop selling. There has been a movement to increase our involvement […]

Walking the dog for the BHA

As a lover of homeopathy and a trustee of the BHA, I’m always looking for new ways to help raise funds for our wonderful charity. It is difficult fundraising for something as complex as homeopathy; after all, what does it mean? For people who are not aware of what homeopathy is or does, it means […]

Australian report misrepresents clinical research evidence in homeopathy

Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the country’s leading medical research body, is conducting systematic reviews of existing systematic reviews to formulate formal position statements on the efficacy, cost-effectiveness, safety and quality of complementary therapies, including homeopathy. The British Homeopathic Association (BHA) actively encourages all serious scientific studies into homeopathy and other complementary […]

GP embarks on marathon walk for the BHA

Dr Katalin Borbely is embarking on a marathon walk to raise funds for the British Homeopathic Association (BHA). The doctor, who runs the BHA funded clinic in Norwich, is setting off on 29 March from the Spanish city of Leon to walk 220 miles to the shrine at Santiago de Compostela, the reputed burial place […]

Jane Gilchrist

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Jane Gilchrist, one of homeopathy’s most vocal and passionate supporters. Jane was nearing 101 years of age when she died and had lived a very colourful and not very conventional life. A fighter, who loved a cause to battle for, Jane always said that […]

BHA’s musical evening hits all the right notes

Homeopathy is often described as the healing art, so it was fitting that music was central to the BHA’s first fundraising event in several years, which took place in mid-November. The aim, of course, was to raise funds for the BHA, but at the same time we wanted to promote greater awareness of homeopathy and […]

The BHA goes to Norwich

This autumn, the first of what we hope will be a series of regional events to promote homeopathy and other CAM therapies to the public and the healthcare profession took place in Norwich. Norwich was chosen to stage the first events because that is where the BHA funded homeopathic clinic is located. The events were […]