Homeopathy – the natural career choice

When I made the decision to study medicine I thought that if I qualified as a GP I would be satisfied with the type of doctor I had become. As I acquired more experience though, my initial enthusiasm on qualifying was replaced with disappointment when I realised the limitations of orthodox medicine. I saw increasingly that patients were presenting with recurrent symptoms and complex conditions that were difficult to improve.

I therefore began searching for another way to practise medicine that would complement the skills and knowledge I already had while also providing me with the means to better help my patients. A talk by an experienced homeopath to my local sessional GP group inspired me so much to learn more that I enrolled on a foundation course provided by the Faculty of Homeopathy.

Attending the course I was immediately captivated listening to what Samuel Hahnemann achieved all those years ago that was still so relevant today. When I learnt that in the practice of homeopathy it is important to assess a patient as a whole and that remedies were based upon an individual’s experience of their illness, rather than just their illness, I knew instinctively that I had found the way to practise medicine that I had been searching for.

I feel that practising homeopathy will provide me with far greater job satisfaction. This will come from improving as a doctor, as I will have a wider range of therapeutic options to offer patients and have a more thorough understanding of my patients and their problems. Another wonderful benefit is that I will be part of a national and international community of healthcare professionals with the same ideals as me regarding patient care.

For my patients I feel homeopathy will offer them a better quality of healthcare, better health outcomes and thus a better quality of life. I think they will appreciate being able to discuss their symptoms more openly, knowing that all their symptoms are relevant to the problems they are experiencing. I hope they will also feel more satisfied that they are being respected as individuals and receiving treatments that are unique to their symptoms and personalities.

I feel very fortunate to have discovered homeopathy as it is a way of practising medicine that is truly patient centred and considers the patient as a whole. I look forward again with enthusiasm and excitement to what my career now holds, and by training in homeopathy I hope that one day I’ll become the doctor I’ve always wished to be.

Dr Michel Raggoo, GP

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