The Snooks have arrived!

Homeopathy has some new supporters – the Snooks. This group of colourful cartoon characters appeared during Homeopathy Awareness Week (June 14-21) in three short animated films. The Snooks deliver simple but important messages about homeopathy in a light-hearted and engaging manner.

The key messages communicated in the animations are:

  • Homeopathy is about treating the individual
  • Homeopathy works
  • Millions of people successfully use homeopathy.

The films were the idea of the 4Homeopathy group, which wanted to find a way of communicating positive messages about homeopathy to the social media generation and potentially reach a huge audience. Although animation has been used to deliver important health messages for many years, I must confess that as the BHA’s communications officer I did at first have some misgivings as to whether this approach would appear too frivolous for some practitioners of the healing art. However, the quality of films did go some considerable way to allaying my doubts.

The Snooks were created by animator and director Sam Norland, who has worked for such notable clients as the V&A, Virgin Media, Nissan and Hat Trick Productions. As well as being the creative force behind the films, Sam is also an advocate of the health benefits that homeopathy can provide and says he was only too pleased to do something to help make more people aware of this natural form of medicine.

Each film has a commentary which was recorded by another ardent supporter of homeopathy, voice-over artist Jacqueline Cloake. Jacquline has used homeopathic medicine for years and was so thrilled to be able to help out she kindly donated her time for the project.

Finally, my initial reservations as to how the films would be received proved groundless, as the feedback from members of the public and the homeopathic community has been overwhelmingly positive.

One of the animated films is currently on the home page. To see all three, visit So why not take a look and then send the link to your friends and family? With your help the Snooks may even end up going viral and become a worldwide phenomenon!

John Burry
Communications Officer

Snooks pic

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