Tracey’s charity cycle challenge

After taking on a new role at the British Homeopathic Association as Fundraising Manager, I thought I’d better have a think about what I could do to raise some funds for the BHA myself.

It seemed like a good opportunity to try out the newly designed fundraising pack, so that’s where I began. It was easy to follow and I soon narrowed my options down to three. Eventually I decided I would abandon my car and cycle to work for the whole of the month of August, whatever the weather! This would involve a daily round trip of eight miles, which means over the month I would cycle a total of 176 miles.

As I had not cycled regularly since I was a teenager I thought I had better do some training, so every weekend – and some evenings – I was out on my bike to prepare for my challenge.

Before I knew it, August had arrived. At first I was apprehensive about cycling through the rush-hour traffic and more than a little relieved when I was safely home with the first day done. After that, I really began to enjoy it. There’s something very satisfying about cycling past a queue of slow moving or stalled traffic!

The month didn’t pass without event: the hottest day for 10 years, a torrential thunderstorm and various obstacles including jaywalking pedestrians and inconsiderate drivers, in addition to being plagued by a swarm of insects.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, got a bit fitter and felt like I had achieved something. More importantly, I raised a total of £884 for the BHA, so that made it even more worthwhile.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sponsored me on my cycle challenge. And if you were thinking of making a donation but didn’t get around to it, it’s not too late.

Just visit

Alternatively, you can email me at or call on 01582 408681.

Cycling to work for the BHA blog Oct 2013

Tracey Simmons
Fundraising Manager
British Homeopathic Association

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