Walking the dog for the BHA

As a lover of homeopathy and a trustee of the BHA, I’m always looking for new ways to help raise funds for our wonderful charity. It is difficult fundraising for something as complex as homeopathy; after all, what does it mean? For people who are not aware of what homeopathy is or does, it means nothing. It’s not like we’re raising money for sick or starving children, emotive causes that everyone understandably wants to support.

The BHA is not what you would call a “heartstring” charity. For that reason I feel it is even more important to make an effort to try and help the BHA raise money so that it can continue with its important work. We don’t have millions of pounds coming in from high-profile celebrity-led campaigns or gala dinners, so we need to do it ourselves.

Although homeopathy is often misunderstood and misrepresented, it really is an effective therapy. I should know, as I was disabled from head-to-toe with crippling rheumatoid arthritis but am now in remission. So that is why I feel I need to do all I can to help the BHA raise funds that will go towards research, education and helping people find homeopathy.

For this reason I decided to do a sponsored dog walk. On a beautiful day at the beginning of May, around 25 people joined me and my two pet dogs, Milo and Kia, at Mill Hill Park in North West London. Many people brought their own dogs, while others just came along to show support. Wearing our “Homeopathy Works” T-shirts and muddy wellies we walked around the park for about an hour, stopping occasionally to give water and treats to the dogs.

Everyone taking part, canine and human, had a great time! One thing about having dogs is no matter how you’re feeling, you have to get out of the house and walk them. And a little bit of fresh air does everyone good, so we all felt pretty invigorated by the end. More importantly, lots of people who couldn’t make the event donated online through the Virgin Money Giving page I had set up especially.

We didn’t raise thousands of pounds, just a few hundred, but every few hundred pounds raised quickly adds up to a larger amount that can make a real difference in helping to promote homeopathy.

If you love homeopathy or are a supporter of the BHA, why not organise your own small fundraising event? And Homeopathy Awareness Week (June 14–21) is the perfect opportunity to do this, as the BHA will be giving an award to the most inspiring, original or successful fundraising ideas. It can be a sponsored dog walk, like I did, or a coffee morning, a bake sale or a footie match, or even a film night where all your friends donate! You could even get the kids to do a chocolate ban or sponsored silence at school! As a well-known supermarket says, “Every little helps!”

Lauren Vaknine


[Lauren Vaknine with Milo & Kia]

It’s not too late to show support for Lauren and the BHA.
Make a donation at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/laurenVaknine

If you are thinking of organising your own fundraising event and would like to receive the BHA’s fundraising pack, please contact Tracey Simmons at tsimmons@britishhomeopathic.org or call 01582 408681.

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