Urinary matters

Dr Raymond Sevar looks at how homeopathy can help with urinary conditions

Rattlesnakes are native to the USA and common in the south eastern states where they live in sunny stony hilly areas with streams and perennial shrubs. Rattlesnakes like to bathe in the morning dew and then stretch out in the morning sun, finding shelter around noon. As autumn advances and the temperature falls they retreat to deep lairs and lie in torpor. In winter they stiffen with the cold and can appear dead but emerge in spring and find a mate. When hunting they are most lively and rise up and strike with remarkable speed, so fast it is difficult to see. Its only enemies are humans, whom they warn of their presence by rattling their tails and wild pigs that battle with them. Fortunately, the latter are protected from the venom by thick hides. The venom was proved by Constantine Hering (of Hering’s law) – the medicine is called Crotallus horridus.

I prescribed this homeopathic medicine with great success in 1996 to “B” a 61-year-old man with benign enlargement of his prostate. This is a very common problem for men over 55 and often responds very well to homeopathic treatment. His PSA (a marker of possible cancerous change in the prostate) was normal. He attended for homeopathic treatment because he could not tolerate the side effects from alpha-blocker drugs prescribed by his GP.

Patient profile
B is a short, square-built man and very muscular, with short grey hair who looks much younger than 61. He is powerful, not just in build but in his actual presence. He makes big fast sudden striking forward arm movements, talks openly and freely, and is wearing a red T-shirt and bright blue casual trousers. He is loquacious and jumps from one subject to another – from his problem passing urine, urgency so severe he has had to stop buses to get out to pass urine, mild arthritis of his spine, to his recurrent spots on his legs, and back again to his prostate.

Here are parts of his story in his own words. “For many years I have had to pass urine every hour through the night, every night, and it is a large volume each time … I have had a lot of dribbling after I pass urine since I was a little boy. The flow of urine has always been a bit of a trickle, or a loose spray, or one-sided or a forked stream.

“… the spots on my legs started as one tiny boil on my left leg and then there were hundreds – they were itchy – then after three weeks they went to my right leg.

“… for the past two years, till three months ago, I kept on getting boils and abscesses in my ear canals … here at the entrance just inside the hole … they used to burst and run and burn the skin of my ear … just on the right side.

“…. when I was a boy I was small but strong – I sorted out the bigger bullies … I warned them once or twice or even three times – then I just destroyed them even though they were much bigger than me.” Observation: this struck me as highly unusual, but I didn’t interrupt his flow “After school I got into body building. I had sex first when I was 13. I got married young, had three children and got divorced at 21. I got married again and had four children and got divorced again but we are all still very close. I still feel responsible for them all.

“… I am a self-employed industrial window cleaner. My bid for a contract is always successful … yes, always” … Observation: I raised my eyebrows in surprise/disbelief and he pinned me with his eyes–as if  I was the prey and he the predator – I rocked back in my chair with the impact – it was a moment when the room disappeared – as soon as he saw that I had truly seen this energy he released me with a gentle “see me now” look and little smile. To recover my composure, I asked him some questions about his reactions to food, temperature and weather.

“Alcohol makes me ill – I get severe pounding headaches with an empty feeling behind the eyes – it is just terrible … I am much worse from cold wet weather and much worse from heat … I get headaches from chocolate but I really love chocolate – when I was younger I could eat 3kg of chocolate … I eat once a day at night and eat nothing else during the day … I am thirsty – I drink lots of lemon tea – about 15 cups a day”.

Further probing
Now I feel settled enough to again broach the subject of his temper and how he reacts when challenged and finally ask if he has any fears. His response is: “I can’t stand anyone being in charge of me or being in control of me. Things always seem to end up the way I want it … I can discuss things and be diplomatic – it’s just that I must be free … My temper has always been the same – I give them a warning, sometimes two or three warnings and then bang, I unleash myself and destroy them … I am afraid of narrow closed-in places.”

Case analysis
He is powerful in build, in his presence and manner. B makes fast, striking forward gestures. There are themes of: competition, aggression, domination/ freedom, sex, family and bloodline all of which suggest a medicine from the animal kingdom. He pinned me – a remarkable experience – this indicates a predator but which family? He has many symptoms which are common to Lachesis and all the snake remedies: he is loquacious and jumps from subject to subject, the boils on his legs began on his left leg then progressed to his right leg, sleeps into an aggravation and is worse from alcohol. But which snake fits his symptoms best? He has recurrent boils at the entrance to his ear canals which are always on the right side so I looked up my repertory and decided Crotallus horridus fits his picture best. He gives warning before attacking like a rattlesnake. This medicine also covers his prostate symptoms. I gave him Crotallus horridus 200CH one pill.

Relief found
At review consultation two months later he has had an excellent response that follows Hering’s law of healing from within outwards, above downwards and in the reverse order of illness with temporary replays of old symptoms. B says: “Spots came out all over my back and right arm and are starting to clear and then the spots came on my legs. All the spots are definitely clearing now – they are just little red dots … my nose ran from the first day for weeks and now is tailing off … I got fierce headaches twice in the first week, like in the old days, but I didn’t take anything for them … the arthritis is better my joints feel freer – I am definitely a lot freer especially in my spine … I have had three pints of real ale three times and I did not have to get up at night to pass urine … otherwise the peeing at night is better – every two hours instead of every hour.”

I prescribed Crotallus horridus to take occasionally when required.

Since then he continued to improve until he was entirely free of all symptoms and only getting up once at night to pass urine. He still continues to recommend patients to me and asks them to tell me that he is well.

Dr Raymond Sevar MRCGP FFHom is Dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy and a Homeopathic Physician in private practice in Carlisle, Cumbria. He also teaches homeopathy to doctors and other health professionals in the UK and abroad.