Snowflake Appeal

Since launching our Snowflake Appeal two years ago, we have raised over £11,000. We have put these funds to good use towards:
  • Promoting homeopathy positively though the media with involvement and investment in a national PR campaign featuring Arlene Phillips in the living dress (shown below) which reached 100s of millions in the UK.
  • Launching the homeopathy app for Android and Apple phones providing useful homeopathic information at your fingertips.
  • Investing in the development of a new website to increase numbers of people accessing information and staying on the site to learn more.
  • Investing in education for health practitioners to learn homeopathy to maintain public access to homeopathy.
Funds donated to this 2017 Snowflake Appeal will be used to:
  • Campaign to retain NHS services in the UK
    As outlined in my last update this entails a whole raft of activities including providing support to patients, providing swift media responses and promotion, responding formally on behalf of patients to NHS and Department of Health consultations, attending meetings with CCGs, employing experts in areas such as media, politics, law and reputation management to fine tune our efforts and be as effective as possible. Support in this area has been and will remain vital.
  • Develop new ways for patients to access homeopathy
    Funds will be used to launch charitable homeopathic clinics and regional informational seminars and events.
  • Provide quality information 24–7
  • Further investment in digital media and promotion of key messages, video recording patient testimonials, digital access to Health & Homeopathy, and involvement in national awareness campaigns
  • Increase the numbers of health professionals using homeopathy
Arlene Phillips CBE – choreographer

Arlene PhillipsArlene Phillips CBE, choreographer, Strictly Come Dancing star and former dancer, celebrated homeopathy on the red carpet at the National Television Awards wearing a ‘living dress’ decorated with real flowers that are all used for homeopathic remedies, including Clematis, Hydrangea and others.

This year, we aim to exceed what has been previously raised. Please help us to reach our target of £12,000 by the end of March 2017.

Click on the Snowflake Appeal PDF to print off your donation form.