There is a growing body of published research in good quality peer-reviewed journals showing that homeopathy has a positive effect.

This section of the website gives you a straightforward introduction to the kinds of evidence that exist for homeopathy and the range of conditions with positive evidence.

More research needed

Homeopathic research is still in its infancy. The body of evidence that exists shows that much more investigation is required – 44% of all the randomised controlled trials carried out have been positive, 5% negative and 47% inconclusive. Unfortunately, homeopathy does not attract large amounts of funding. More funding is required to conduct high quality trials using suitable research methods.  At present, for example, only 63 of the 188 RCT papers have studied classical, individualised homeopathy; each of the other 125 RCT papers has investigated the effect of one selected homeopathic medicine.

For a more in-depth review of the entire evidence base, including the negative and inconclusive trials, visit the research section of the Faculty of Homeopathy website.

A grant-funded systematic review programme will provide, in due course, a comprehensive analysis of the research literature.