Complaint about NHS services

You have the right to have any complaint about NHS services investigated and to receive a full and prompt written reply. Who you complain to will depend on the nature of your complaint. Your local health authority can advise you and guide you through the procedure, find your local health authority via one of the following links:

NHS Choices (England)
NHS Northern Ireland
NHS Scotland
NHS Wales

If a doctor behaves unethically or unprofessionally you can complain to the General Medical Council:

Regent’s Place
350 Euston Road

0161 923 6602

The same applies to any other professional providing homeopathy. For a full list of the regulatory bodies, see Regulation.

Complaint about a Faculty of Homeopathy member

The Faculty of Homeopathy has a Disciplinary and Professional Performance Procedure for its members. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of homeopathic treatment that you receive and are unable to resolve the matter with the practitioner concerned, please send your complaint in writing to:

Chairman of the Disciplinary &
Professional Performance Committee
Faculty of Homeopathy
Hahnemann House
29 Park Street West

Complaints about non Faculty members

The other three registering bodies also operate  their own professional standards and disciplinary procedures.  If you are dissatisfied with the quality of homeopathic treatment you have received from a homeopath belonging to one of these  organisations you should contact the relevant registering body. Contact details  for these organisations can be found on their websites which are listed on the BHA’s Links page.