Campaign for NHS homeopathy

Keeping services where they belong

Research shows that more than two thirds of patients who have received homeopathic treatment on the NHS say it has helped them. But despite the demand from patients, services are being cut in the NHS.

We believe that homeopathy should stay in the NHS because:

  • It’s where the medical expertise is. We believe that only statutorily registered healthcare professionals should be treating people.
  • Integrating a homeopathic service with conventional medical practice saves the health service money.
  • Health choices should not be limited by ability to pay.
  • Homeopathy works! Thousands of patients derive health benefits not found elsewhere in the NHS.

We need your help to keep these valuable services as part of our health service, for the benefit of everyone.

Current challenges

An overview of homeopathy in the NHS

Hospital contacts and assistance

What you can do to help