Private treatment

If you are unable to access homeopathic treatment on the NHS you can see a homeopathic doctor or other healthcare professional privately. Use our practitioner search to find private practitioners in your area – they are denoted by a letter P.

Check your health insurance policy

Many private health insurance policies provide cover for homeopathic treatment. Practitioners who see patients under certain insurance schemes are denoted by the letter I in our practitioner search.

Fees for private treatment

Make sure you are happy with the amount you will be charged for private treatment. Fees for the first appointment are generally higher as this may last up to an hour – follow up appointments are typically half the cost of the first appointment. You could also ask about payment arrangements, cancellation charges (if any) and reduced fees for children and the elderly. Some homeopathic doctors provide reduced fees or subsidised clinics – these are denoted by the letter C in our practitioner search.

Should I tell my GP?

If you feel comfortable doing so, it is very helpful to tell your GP. Your homeopathic doctor may ask your permission to contact your GP to say that they are treating you. This will allow them to share important information. However, they will not do so if you do not give your permission.