Five-hospital pilot study

In a pilot study published in 2008, data from 1602 follow-up patient appointments at all five NHS homeopathic hospitals were collected together over a one month period.

Eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, menopausal disorder, osteoarthritis and depression were the ‘top five’ most referred conditions. The medical problems referred to the hospitals typically are chronic conditions where available conventional treatments are often not effective. In total, the study identified 235 separate medical complaints treated at the hospitals during one month.

At just their second homeopathic appointment, 34% of follow-up patients overall reported an improvement that affected their daily living. For patients at their sixth appointment, the corresponding improvement rate was 59%. The study showed that reported health benefit may be gained more quickly in some medical conditions than in others. Read full paper

The pilot findings are informing a programme of standard setting for treatment outcomes in the NHS homeopathic hospitals.