Jackie, thyroid and adrenals

Around 11 years ago I became extremely ill, losing a stone in weight for no apparent reason. My metabolism was so fast and my appetite couldn’t be satisfied. I felt fatigued; I had lost muscle tone and was having no sleep along with many other frightening symptoms. I had a strong sense that my thyroid was the root cause, but obviously couldn’t assume this so I went to see my GP. I had blood tests and the results came back as borderline hyperactive thyroid. My GP told me to come back in a month’s time for another blood test to see if it had changed.

I felt so ill as the symptoms were progressing – feeling it was not taken seriously. So I saw another GP who said it was classic textbook symptoms and referred me to an endocrinologist with an appointment in three months time.  In the meantime the GP was told by the endocrinologist to put me on Carbimazol (basically to slow down my thyroid – with the possible side-effects of knocking out my immune system).

After eight days on this drug, I felt like I was almost comatose and could hardly get out of bed. I took myself off it without referring back to the GP as I was so frightened, and my gut feeling was this was not being treated correctly. Fortunately I was recommended to a homoeopathic doctor who had successfully treated a friend and had much experience of many patients with thyroid problems.

So he started to treat my thyroid, (also just to be completely sure – I also found and saw privately a GP who specialised in thyroid/adrenal problems.)  He supported complementary medicine and suggested asking my homeopathic practitioner to treat my adrenals as well as my thyroid.

(In laypersons terms) his diagnosis was that my adrenals were exhausted and putting more pressure on my thyroid to work harder – hence it appeared overactivity of the thyroid.  He listened carefully to what I told him about my symptoms, saying he would never just trust a blood test alone, but the symptoms are vital – to give him the answers.  He was also very supportive and caring.

Anyway working alongside my homeopathic doctor who did as was suggested, I gradually got better.  It took over a year, as my elderly mother was during this time diagnosed with cancer and I had to support and help her as well, which delayed my recovery a little.  I became fully recovered without the aid of drugs – just various homeopathic remedies and good nutrition.

If I hadn’t taken myself off the Carbimazol, I dare not think what state I could have ended up in.  I would most probably have been on Thyroxine for the rest of my life.

I’ve also recently had major dental surgery (implants) and have taken recommended homeopathic medicines  before and after surgery.  I was in a very calm and reasonably relaxed state beforehand and the healing has been much quicker than some cases where I’ve heard it has taken people two weeks to get over the bruising and shock.

I hope this will be helpful in support of the fight to keep homeopathy available on the NHS.