BHA tells select committee there is evidence for homeopathy

The BHA was invited to give oral evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology select committee on Wednesday 25 November.

Robert Mathie, the BHA’s Research Development Adviser, told the committee that there is evidence that homeopathy has an effect greater than placebo. You can read the BHA’s written submission to the committee here.

Robert comments: “A key point that the select committee has perhaps not fully taken on board is that the total number of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in homeopathy is minuscule, especially when compared with research activity in most areas of conventional medicine. The fact that there are just 87 placebo-controlled (or “efficacy”) trials of homeopathic medicines in the total scientific literature, but that 37 of them have reported positive findings, is something that must be properly recognised. That this evidence exists seems to have escaped the notice of some commentators.”

President of the Faculty of Homeopathy Sara Eames appeared on BBC Breakfast news this morning to talk further about the positive evidence and explain how beneficial patients find homeopathic treatment.