Homeopathy popular with patients in New Zealand

Results from a survey published in the New Zealand Medical Journal recently have shown that patients visiting their GPs know quite a bit about homeopathy. Not only that, 80 out of 124 patients had tried homeopathic treatment and 92% of those who had used it believed it helped them.

The authors of the letter published in the May issue of the journal expected that most patients going for conventional treatment would be sceptical towards homeopathy, compared to customers in a health food shop for example. In fact, 105 or nearly 85% of patients asked were confident they knew what homeopathy was and the majority of participants believed homeopathy worked and had used it before.

In addition, 56 patients agreed strongly that homeopathy should be part of the public health system, with 32 agreeing slightly. Only five patients disagreed. Patients had used homeopathy for a wide range of conditions including bruises, coughs, stress, depression, eczema, joint pain, skin problems and sinus problems.