Nadia Sawalha supports Homeopathy Awareness Week – 14 -21 June

5 May 2010

This year the focus of Homeopathy Awareness Week (14-21 June) will be women’s health.  It is being supported by Celebrity Master Chef winner and actress Nadia Sawalha, who says, since the age of 21, she has always consulted both her homeopath and GP when health issues arise.   Read more on how homeopathy has helped Nadia and her family.

Women’s health covers a wide spectrum of conditions affecting women of all ages from premenstrual tension to fertility problems and menopausal symptoms.

Many women still seem to be unaware that homeopathy is a viable option for many everyday ailments and that is why the British Homeopathic Association is focusing on this important subject for Homeopathy Awareness Week in 2010.