Royal London Homeopathic Hospital becomes the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

16 September 2010

On 16th September, The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital changed its name to The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM).

The London Homeopathic Hospital was founded on 10 October 1849 becoming ‘Royal ‘in 1947. It joined the NHS at its inception in 1948 and has been part of the University College London NHS Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) since 2003.

For much of its history the RLHH was a small general hospital incorporating a specialist homeopathic department. From the early 1980’s surgical and other conventional specialties were closed and replaced by a wide range of services.  Homeopathy is a pivotal part of the hospital but other services include complementary cancer care, acupuncture, musculoskeletal medicine and herbal medicine services. Since joining UCLH there has been rapid progress in integrating these services.

Dr Peter Fisher, Clinical Director of the RLHH, said: “We are very proud of our homeopathic heritage, but it is essential to understanding the nature of our work that our name accurately reflects our role.”

Cristal Sumner, Chief Executive of the BHA, said: “There is no change in what goes on day to day at the hospital.  Homeopathy remains a significant part of the services on offer at the hospital and thousands of patients will continue to get homeopathic treatment on the NHS.  The name reflects the integration of healthcare services that is on offer at RLHIM which is a great benefit not only for patients but also the health system.”