Welcome to the BHA’s new website

The website is still packed with information about homeopathy but now has a bright modern look, with a layout designed to make it easier to navigate around the site and help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Founded over a century ago, the BHA is a registered charity set up to promote wider access to homeopathy, provide quality information to the public, encourage more research and educate medical professionals about homeopathy. Our membership is made up of members of the public, patients who have benefited  from homeopathy and healthcare professionals who use it in their practice. If you share our aims, why not join them and become a member of the BHA. (link to become a member?)

The BHA blog is a  new feature on the website through which we will keep you up to date with all the latest news, share our thoughts on issues relating to homeopathy, and keep you informed  of the BHA’s campaigns and events, plus much, much more. A number of authors will be writing the blog entries among whom will be individuals who are keen to share their experience of how homeopathy has benefited them.  Our next post will be looking at how mothers have found homeopathy useful for a range of common childhood health problems – so don’t miss it.

I hope you like our new website and will become a regular reader of the BHA’s blog.


John Cook
Chairman, British Homeopathic Association