Drew, 14, eczema

Drew’s eczema started around the age of one, just small patches in the normal presentation, on the insides of his elbows.  These never went away and then gradually the eczema spread down his forearms to his hands, which were very bad by the time he was two and a half.

Melody, his mother (39), a secretary, took him to their GP who prescribed steroid cream and wraps. These did not help his skin and Melody tried Chinese herbalists to find a cure.  On the whole these were not effective, though one treatment did mean Drew was free of eczema for a few years.

Drew’s eczema came back with a vengeance when he started secondary school.  It came back on his hands, spread up his arms to his chest, neck and face, also to his tummy and legs.  He was covered in it.

Melody asked their GP for help, but all he could offer was even stronger steroid cream, which she did not want to use on her son’s skin.  She asked for a referral to the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital(RLHH) and Drew’s homeopathic treatment started in January 2008.

Drew saw Dr Sara Eames, a former GP who has also trained in homeopathy and after only three appointments, there has been a massive improvement.  Drew’s eczema has cleared from his face, chest, tummy, neck and arms.  He still has some on his hands, but Melody feels the homeopathic medicine and cream are really helping him.

“I feel so lucky we were able to get a referral from our GP to the homeopathic doctor.  The treatment really does seem to be helping Drew’s eczema and I feel reassured that there are no side-effects and there will be no long-term damage to his skin”.

Drew is much happier. He said, “I like having the Homoeopathic medication because its natural and since taking it it has made me feel better on the inside as well as the outside. I would describe it as feeling fresh inside. My skin is not as dry and doesn’t feel tight anymore. The eczema has totally cleared from my chest and stomach area and improved from other places”.

Melody and Drew are willing to be interviewed.

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